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Effortless cleaning. Ultimate Saving.


Save 30% of energy & time in daily cleaning while enjoy better saving for up to 100,00 mop uses.

Microfiber Mop

3 spin water rinse – 90 % Dry ( Super absorbent feature ) Super Resistant mop string – Anti Drop off / No more botak head
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THE "5" Years Stick

Smooth Aluminium with SUS304 inner design - Anti Rust, better grip, expandable ergonomic design
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Unique Design Bucket

Anti Splash Water Protection Bucket + 10L Large Capacity + Special Water Pour Design
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Automatic Sensor Soap Dispensers


Safer & Smart auto Spraying Soap Dispenser - Easy to use & integration for all usages.

Auto Spray Sanitizer

3 second scan+spray - Infrared sensor with good interference resistant capacity
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The Perfect Height

Friendly to use and perfect for all users to get their hand sanitize quick and effective.
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Quality For Longer Use

Durable and stain-resistant ABS plastic construction with 1100 ml soap storage + lock feature.
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