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Product Code TAP-1-R103G
Stick Material Aluminium Stick + 304 Stainless Steel Inner build
Stick Length (CM) 75 - 126 Adjustable feature with secure lock
Bucket Capacity Up To 10 Litter of water
Bucket Material Quality PP Material
Bucket Size (CM) 45 x 29 x 32
Mop Head Quality Microfiber
Mop Head Features Super absorbent, durable and won't scratch the surfaces that you are cleaning.
Mop Head Diameter (CM) 45 ( mop weight -150g )
 Manual Assembly and operation instructions (printed on the outer box)
Origin/Made In 100% from Taiwan
Feature Up to 15 Special Build in functions
Included 1 x Dehydration bucket (PP) 1 x Mop head (Microfiber fibric) 1 x Plastic round head 1 x Movable plastic easy hook 1 x Spin tray 1 x Bucket rim